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There is an apt saying: Necessity is the mother of invention. When he moved to the United States in the mid 80's, jerk seasoning was hard to find in the Mid West. Jerk is an essential part of the Jamaican comfort food needs. It is to Jamaica what the barbecue is to the South.

So it was, that the developer of Jerklicious embarked on this venture of creating and refining a combination of herbs and spices.

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why Jerklicious
  • 100% all natural products
  • Home made
  • No preservatives
  • hmm ... delicious!
some words...

I think all chefs who pursue great flavor have good ethics.

Dan Barber, Chef.
Frequent Asked Questions:
Do I need to add anything to the marinade before I use it.?
you don't.  The beauty of this product is
its ready to go straight from the bottle.
Do I need to store in the refrigerator after opening?
How long do I marinade my meats or other items.
Meats can be marinated overnight or up to an hour before
grilling. Seafood and vegetables: minutes
before grilling.

Is the product spicy?

This product is considered mild as spicy goes. We also offer hot on demand.

Can my kids use the sauce?
of my customers buy this barbecue sauce for the entire family.
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